Mice Cube: The Humane Mouse Trap

Our concern for animal welfare is apparent upon visiting our garden. Most of our pets were just dropped off here and we let them stay. Even critters often thought of as a nuisance are welcomed here to a degree. My husband, normally thought of as a tough guy policeman type, has been teased for being too tenderhearted toward mice and spiders, and has many times caught them indoors, carried them out to the briars, and let them go safely on their way.

Several months ago, mice became a problem in the greenhouse. Small little field mice can do much damage quickly, munching on simply everything! One would think mice would not be a problem here with Crisco the Cat
, but it's hard for him to catch mice during his sleep. (He sleeps about 23 of the 24 hours in his day, and the other hour is spent eating.)

That's when I discovered the Mice Cube. I couldn't believe how well it worked!
The Mice Cube is a small clear plastic rectangular container with a trap door on one end. The mouse can enter to eat the bait, but cannot exit, since the door opens inward only. Our bait is a cheezit with peanut butter spread on one side. Within just a few hours we had caught a little guy who we safely deposited at the fence. The next morning we found 2 little mice inside.

The only problem we've seen with the Mice Cube is Crisco the Cat--If he gets to it before we do, he lets the mouse out, and then we have to catch it again!

To find out how you can purchase Mice Cube, click here.


Thanks For 2 Day said...

It does sound humane:) I wonder if the same mouse would keep coming back for more cheezits and pb? I suppose it could scare them from coming back...who knows? If it works for you, then that's what counts! My daughter has 3 pet rats. They are specially bred to be pets...but, being kind to the mice would please her, as well:) (I'm not too sure about myself, though;/
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Jan

shadygardener said...

My Daddy does laugh at us, saying that we're just catching the same mouse again and again! Who knows? We just don't want to hurt them, yet we don't want to share the same house with them! Thanks for your comments! I enjoy your blog too, especially the pictures! Sharon