Red Buckeye - Native Plant for Hummingbirds

Dwarf Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia, is one of the most showy native plants in our garden. Blooming very early in late winter or early spring, the large red panicle blooms are visible from a great distance, attracting hummingbirds as they return from their trip down south.

The Red Buckeye is among the first of the woodland plants to reawaken in spring, sending out tender new leaves as early as February. Lavish flowers appear early too, usually sometime in March for us.

The large luscious blooms attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to the early spring garden. The Red Buckeye begins blooming at a young age when only about 3 feet tall. Red panicle blooms are up to 6 inches long!

This deciduous tree is the perfect specimen for the edge of a woodland, offering a focal point to draw you into the garden. It is especially lovely when underplanted with early spring blooming wildflowers.

The palmately compound leaves are deep green and keep their attractive tropical look all season long.

Red Buckeye is very easy to grow. You will enjoy this lovely little tree in your woodland garden!


Phillip M said...

Red buckeyes are one of my favorite plants!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother had one of great size among her magnolias and rhododendrons. As a child I would sit for hours underneath while dozens of hummingbirds flitted about me. It was magical. My grandmother is dead now and her place has been bulldozed. I am so happy to have found the name of this plant.

shadygardener said...

What a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing it with us.