Blueberries: Plant Shrubs in Your Garden!

Growing blueberries at home is a great way to eat nutritious berries while saving money.

Success with blueberries depends on several factors:
  • Choose the right variety for your climate
  • Pick the right site or location
  • Plant in fall 
  • Amend your soil
  • Water regularly
Here in Georgia, the best varieties are Rabbiteye Blueberries. Yes, you can grow some of the other types, but Rabbiteyes will provide the most berries with less care from you.

The best site for growing blueberries is full sun. Blueberries can also grow in partial sun or even shade, but more berries will be produced in full sun.

In Georgia, Fall is the best time for transplanting shrubs, including blueberries. They can also be planted in winter or early spring with much success, but blueberries planted in summer will require much care and watering to survive.

Unless you are very fortunate, your soil will need amending. Georgia soil is most often clay which does not drain well. Mix in compost or composted manure and shredded composted bark.

Water regularly, at least once weekly.


Angela said...

Our soil is clay too. total barf, but with some much needed peat, our berries have been doing well. Not as great as the one in your photo, but still. :) Berries are the best!

shadygardener said...

Our plants produced OK last spring, in spite of the drought we'd had. I'm really excited to see if they produce a lot next spring, since we've been having all this rain!! Good luck with yours too. Blueberries are SO GOOD for you!

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

lovely photos..

good luck...hope you have success..

Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

We just planted blueberries this year and am so excited to see what they do next year!

Following from MBC!

shadygardener said...

Wow! Congratulations--you couldn't have picked a healthier food to plant! I hope you get a bunch of berries!

2 Green Acres said...

Great minds think alike! I am also a huge proponent of blueberries - beautiful plant and great food.

My post on blueberries includes a great quote from Sara Stein.

shadygardener said...

Yes, you're right! And the other day when I walked past my new row of plants, I spotted brilliant red leaves--just another bonus feature of the blueberry bush, great fall color!